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Fresh Pork
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    Clean the fresh pork,soak 10min in different preservative solutions,drain 5min,then preserve them in PE preservation bags at (4±1℃).
    Compared with the control group,soaking treatment by different concentration of ε-polylysine can significantly reduce the initial number of cold pork fresh bacteria,and can obviously inhibit the total plate count of the fresh pork, and the inhibitory effect was enhanced with the increase of ε-polylysine concentration.
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    Waterless Hand Sanitizer (travel-size)
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    The waterless hand sanitizer is designed to effectively clean the hands instead of flushing with water.
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    Bio Disinfectant
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    Bainafo Disinfectant is a high safety, efficient, environmentally friendly product, which can disinfect the production and public facilities, environment and staff’s hands. We supply a new control approach of microbe for Food, Medicine Care, Pharmaceuti
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    Natural preservative natamycin
    Natural Yeast and Mold Inhibitor
    Natamycin (Pimaricin) is a natural antimicrobial for preventing yeasts and moulds.
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