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White Shrimp
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    White Shrimp
    Meat, Poultry & Fish
    Clean the white shrimp well, soak 3min in different preservative solutions, drain 1min, then preserve them in Sterile preservation bags at (4±1℃).
    Total plate count of white shrimp≤5.0(lg(CFU/g)),is the first grade freshness;5.0-5.7(lg(CFU/g))is the second grade freshness.Usually, the shrimp are generally considered corrupt and inedible when the total plate count more than second grade freshness.The total plate count in the control group was reached 5.18(lg(CFU/g)) on the fourth day,up to 5.87(lg(CFU/g))on the eighth day,respectively exceed the index of the first grade freshness and the second grade freshness,the other groups reached the index of the first grade freshness on the eighth day,and the total plate count in the whole process was significantly lower than the control group,even 0.1%  ε-polylysine soak solution did not reach the secondary freshness index during the whole preservation period.The total plate count of 0.1% ε-polylysine soaking solution was lower than other groups,indicating that its antibacterial property is better than chitosan and phytic acid,so it has very good preservation effects to white shrimp.
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