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    • Natural preservative polylysine
    • Natural preservative natamycin
    • Nisin  preservative nisin food preservative nisin
    • natural food preservatives
      Natural Compound Food Preservati...
    • Transglutaminase TG-B
      Transglutaminase TG-B
    • Bio Disinfectant
      Bio Disinfectant
    Natural Antimicrobial Spray
    Bio Disinfectant
    Bio Disinfectant
    Food Grade Disinfectant
    Bainafo Disinfectant is a high safety, efficient, environmentally friendly product, which can disinfect the production and public facilities, environment and staff’s hands. We supply a new control approach of microbe for Food, Medicine Care, Pharmaceuti
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    waterless hand sanitizer
    Waterless Hand Sanitizer (travel-size)
    Disposable Hand Sanitizer
    The waterless hand sanitizer is designed to effectively clean the hands instead of flushing with water.
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